Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Local PR PK International Public Relations: PR triggered a confrontation between Wahaha

"Overseas Chinese moon than the moon!" Worshiper of foreign things in the sense of the role of hundreds of years, the international public relations public relations industry in China has been playing a "leader" role. Whether public relations strategy, or implementation of the media, international public relations firms seem more astute chess, occupying most of the best customers, especially international brands in China, public relations agency, and domestic public relations firms to share only in the public relations industry to follow " leftovers. "

However, a "Danone and Zong," the media and public relations war has changed the local public relations firm and the fate of international public relations firm. Today, in up to three months of the media and public relations war, we see the local public relations victory, saw the situation more Shen Yun Chinese local public relations firm's victory, see Zong's victory (although most experts believe that , there is no winner in this dispute, but I think even non-Wahaha joint venture was able to forcibly buy up successful, Zong is still the winner of the media public relations war).

銆??鍏叧瀵瑰喅锛岃揪鑳藉畬璐?br />
Zong and up to the war lasted nearly three months, and played with the media-obsessed public relations was more intense. Seoul gradually found that "up to" brand image in the eyes of the Chinese people have fallen little knowledge, in the Chinese market is also lopsided. Coupled with recent, more expensive than milk sold in the Evian mineral water, excessive bacteria in the scandal, a wealth of up to plunder, not on another evidence for Chinese consumers. Obviously, Danone want to attract more interest in China, while loss of more, just as Japanese goods in China are often met with a group of people to resist deep national feeling, like Danone predatory behavior in the Chinese capital, China is already being were strongly resisted. So, even up to win a case, it certainly is self-defeating, lost the market, let alone win or lose a lawsuit has not fixed it.

Up to the media and public relations from the point of view, up to at the wrong time, using the wrong strategy, hired the wrong PR company, eventually leading to total failure.

Up to a failure: "hit" the right time

I remember the abolition of Emperor Kangxi in San Francisco, and Wu Sangui was in full swing, when facing the three Prince raised his army and Chahar Zhu Wang rebellion.鍦ㄨ繖涓夐噸鎵撳嚮鍚屾椂鏉ヤ复鐨勬椂鍊欙紝涓捐冻鏃犳帾鐨勫悍鐔欏笣鏃犱笉鎮旀仺鑷繁褰撳垵涓嶅惉瀛濆簞澶悗鐨勫缓璁紝绛夊惔涓夋鍐嶈?鍑犲瞾锛岀瓑鏈濆环鍑嗗寰楀啀鍏呭垎涓?簺锛屽啀瑁佹挙涓夎棭涔熶笉鏅氥? Now think of "forced acquisition of Danone Wahaha" incident, if so then Zong old age, etc. can be prepared up to the full number again, how can today's "forced acquisition" of notoriety. Therefore, up to a defeat defeat at the timing wrong.

銆??杈捐兘浜岃触锛氱瓥鐣ュ簲鐢ㄤ笉褰?br />
In the 96 years specified in the contract signed, "the Chinese will be used (Wahaha) trademark in the production and sales of other products, while the product items have been submitted to the board of directors of a joint venture with Wahaha be considered ... ..." This provision Put simply, the Wahaha trademark to use their own production and sales of products go through a joint venture with Danone agreed or. Clearly, in this game of love and reason, although up to hold its very favorable contract, but in this case from the acquisition, Danone has not changed this favorable contract will benefit the media and public relations duel weapons, but turned into a capital "rape" of the claws.

Therefore, up to the deal in this case should take the "retreat" strategy, the first joint venture Wahaha automatically reduced to 49% of the shares, and then made 49% of the acquisition of shares of Wahaha's non-joint venture requirements, This will not only protect the Wahaha brand as a nation "status", but also to Zong ease a higher level. In addition, Zong refused After the acquisition, Danone seems very reasonable, intended by international arbitration, to force the completion of the acquisition. Such mistakes are undoubtedly scorn for people caught up to the abyss, which is up to the second defeat cost me.

Up to three failure: weak implementation of public relations firms

銆??杈捐兘鐨勨?婧冭触鈥濓紝浣滀负鍏跺叕鍏充唬鐞嗗叕鍙搁毦杈炲叾鍜庛? Corporate public relations as a window, my body corporate image, brand image building, and dissemination of the heavy responsibility, as an international business international PR agency selection appear more natural, but ignored China's national conditions, ignored the localization of power, will surely be local people out.

Zong has won support from the media, or even distributors all around to win, "Catch a Fire," solidarity is not never? This allows us to have to face the power of public relations. Zong is good at public relations, local public relations firm to do it would be appropriate for local public relations.浠庡璧勪紒涓氭伓鎬у苟璐?涓浗鏈湡鍝佺墝宀屽矊鍙嵄鐨勮搴﹁耽寰椾簡姘戜紬鐨勬敮鎸侊紝銆婁箟鍕囧啗杩涜鏇层?浼间箮灏辨槸鍦ㄤ负瀹楀簡鍚庤?濂忥紝浠庤嚜韬殑棰嗗榄呭姏璧㈠緱浜嗗▋鍝堝搱鍛樺伐銆侀珮灞傦紝鐢氳嚦缁忛攢鍟嗙殑鏀寔銆?Jianlibao, farmer spring, bright minority shareholders also have come out as Wahaha, beating the drums for the Zong. Although contract law, in arbitration, the Wahaha and Danone winner yet, but already in the public opinion on the Wahaha is a "big winner."

International public relations firm in the "Name the first" is stronger than the local public relations firm, but this time an international public relations firm's "up to public relations", it seems to be more local public relations firm saw the rise of hope, to see with the International Public Relations words against the company hopes to see a catch up hope. Only the case of international public relations firm, TOP1, only allow Danone Evian to take an "ostrich policy" will only personal attacks on opponents, in addition to these two means, we seem not to see anything else.

Therefore, from the media and public relations point of view, Danone lost the battle, lost in the self-righteous at the international public relations defeated the inconsistent cross-border public relations at China's national conditions.

Local public relations firm should have its own mission

銆??鍦ㄨ繖鍦哄獟浣撳叕鍏虫垬涓紝鎴戜滑鐪嬪埌浜嗘湰鍦熷叕鍏冲叕鍙稿湪绛栫暐搴旂敤鍜屽獟浣撴墽琛屽姏鍙岄噸鏂归潰鐨勮儨鍒┿? The full utilization of feelings cards + thorough public opinion, so up to become a national enemy, Zong became a national hero (hero of the fight against foreign invasion). In fact, when European trade wantonly pound stick of China's textile industry, the Chinese national enterprises to anger the Chinese people are angry. Why cheap Chinese goods should be restricted to Europe, why international brands in China can enjoy the privilege? Why not allow Chinese enterprises to make money in Europe, why foreign-funded enterprises in China can plunder the wealth?

銆??褰撴娲茶锤鏄撳鍨掗檺鍒朵腑鍥藉晢鍝佺殑鏃跺?锛屽浗闄呭搧鐗屽湪涓浗鐨勭壒鏉冨氨搴旇琚粓姝? We do not allow foreign wanton plundering of wealth in China, was engulfed in the national brand is facing the situation, the local public relations firm has the responsibility to shoulder the heavy responsibility of safeguarding the national brand. Not in the Jin and Yuan temptation, to become slaves of foreign-funded enterprises.


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