Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beautiful call, XP Mac OS perfect clone

Apple's Mac OS operating system-specific, very beautiful interface, and therefore there were many Mac OS interface allows PC simulation of the Windows landscaping software, but they seem to all have some common problem, such as: permanent memory, system resources than more, the computer will become slow, stability was unsatisfactory. The FlyakiteOSX presented here not only perfect clone "apple", but also do not take up system resources, good stability. [Download]

1.Windows XP "Apple" of

Installation FlyakiteOSX, the first operating system language version requires users to choose according to language, we choose to Chinese (Simplified) (Simplified Chinese) can be (see Figure 1). Then need to set FlyakiteOSX installed components, if a comprehensive "apples" and suggested the entire check. Later, FlyakiteOSX be prompted to replace the MSN Messenger interface, you can choose according to actual situation. After all selected to start the installation, then the original Windows FlyakiteOSX will automatically replace the resource files, about 20 minutes.

2. Experience the "Apple"

Replace all files is complete, restart the computer, including the boot screen interface have been included into the Mac OS look. Procedures in the field, whether on the desktop or the icon, also became Apple style (see Figure 2). Note that some of the menu at this time will become very small font, modified as follows: Right-click the desktop space, select "Properties 鈫?Appearance" modify "font size" to "Tahoma", this part of the menu can be modified to complete, but still Some options do not change the font, really sorry.

3. To restore the original appearance of XP

If you do not like the Mac OS operating system interface, you can "Control Panel 鈫?Add or Remove Programs" will FlyakiteOSX uninstall, so the desktop was restored.

On the whole FlyakiteOSX is a very good software, you can reach more than 95% of the Mac OS operating system are better. However, there are still a small part of the program and menu can not be normal simulation.


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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The three basic features of object-oriented [1]

Object-oriented three basic characteristics: encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism.


Package is best understood. Packaging is one of object-oriented features, objects and classes is the main features of the concept.

Package, which is the objective things packaged as an abstract class, and class can only own data and methods of the class or object to reliable operation, carried out on the credible information hiding.


Object-oriented programming (OOP) language, one of the main features is the "inheritance." Inheritance refers to a capability: it can use all the features of the existing class, and without the need to re-write the original class of cases, to extend these capabilities.

Create a new class through inheritance known as "subclass" or "derived class."

Inherited class is called "base class", "parent" or "super-class."

The process of succession is from the general to the specific process.

To achieve inheritance, can be "inherited" (Inheritance) and "combination" (Composition) to achieve.

In some OOP languages, a subclass can inherit multiple base classes. However, under normal circumstances, a subclass can only have one base class, to achieve multiple inheritance, can be achieved through a multi-level inheritance.

Way to achieve the concept of succession has three categories: implementation inheritance, interface inheritance and visual inheritance.

1, implementation inheritance is the use of the base class properties and methods without additional coding capacity;

2, the interface is inherited properties and methods using only the name, but the child class must provide the ability to achieve;

3, visual inheritance is the child form (class) using the base form (class) of the appearance and the ability to achieve code.

In considering the use of succession, it is to note that the relationship between the two classes should be "part" relationship. For example, Employee is a person, Manager is a human being, so these two classes can inherit Person type. But the Leg class can not inherit Person class, his legs are not a person.

Abstract class defined by the subclass only the general properties and methods to create, to create an abstract class, use the keyword Interface rather than Class.

OO development paradigm roughly as follows: division 鈫?object 鈫?abstract class to class organized into hierarchical structures (inheritance and synthetic) 鈫?using class and instance of the design and implementation stages.


Polymorphism (polymorphisn) is to allow you to set up a parent and one or more child objects of his equal technology, assignment, the parent object can be assigned to it based on the current characteristics of the child object in a different manner . In short, in one sentence: to allow the sub-class type of a pointer assignment to the parent class type pointer.

Multi state, there are two ways to cover, heavy.

Coverage refers to the subclass the parent class to redefine the practice of virtual functions.

Overload, is the same name to allow multiple functions, the function of the parameter list of these different (and perhaps the number of different parameters, parameter types may be different, perhaps the two are different).

In fact, the concept of overload is not a "object-oriented programming", the realization is overloaded: the compiler the function of different parameters according to table name of the function of the same name so modified, then these functions become the same name in different functions ( at least for the compiler is so). For example, there are two with the same name function: function func (p: integer): integer; and function func (p: string): integer;. The compiler did modified the function names may be this: int_func, str_func. For these two functions of the call, the compiler has already determined between is static (Remember: static). That is, their addresses at compile time on the binding of the (early binding), thus, overloading and polymorphism has nothing to do! Real and polymorphism related to a "cover." When the sub-class re-defines the parent class's virtual function, the parent pointer assigned to it under a different sub-class pointer, dynamic (Remember: It is dynamic!) Call is sub-class of the function, this function call in can not be determined during compilation (called sub-class virtual function can not give the address). Therefore, such a function address is bound at runtime (late bonding). Conclusion is: overloading is just a language feature, and multi-state has nothing to do has nothing to do with object-oriented! Quoted a Bruce Eckel's words: "Do not be silly, if it is not late bonding, it is not polymorphism."


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P2P popular series of four

Semi-distributed structure of the advantages of performance, scalability can be better, easier management, but the Super-dependent on, easy to be attacked, fault tolerance has also been Yingxiang. The following table compares the four kinds of structural combination of properties, compare the results shown in Table 1-1.

Comparison of standard / center topology topology topology fully distributed unstructured distributed architecture of the whole semi-distributed topology topology
Poor poor good scalability in
Good Good in poor reliability
Maintainability of the best of the best good
Found high in the most efficient algorithm
Support Support does not support complex queries support

Table 1:4 Performance Comparison of types of structure

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

UT Starcom orders by the Indian IPTV operator

Eastern Time at 9 o'clock on the February 2 (Beijing Time at 22 o'clock on the February 2) message telecommunications equipment provider UT Starcom (Nasdaq: UTSI) today announced that with AKSH Optifibre Limited partnership The company with the Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd., India (MTNL) have signed a three-year contract for the deployment of its RollingStream end to end IPTV solution. This is the first commercial IPTV deployment in India contract, and AKSH Optifibre will be the first to launch IPTV services in India the company.

The service will be available MTNL broadband network for content delivery backbone, will include traditional television, video and music on demand, video conferencing, and recording to watch and many other features. The service will be launched in December 2006, initially for MTNL users in Delhi and Mumbai.

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Local PR PK International Public Relations: PR triggered a confrontation between Wahaha

"Overseas Chinese moon than the moon!" Worshiper of foreign things in the sense of the role of hundreds of years, the international public relations public relations industry in China has been playing a "leader" role. Whether public relations strategy, or implementation of the media, international public relations firms seem more astute chess, occupying most of the best customers, especially international brands in China, public relations agency, and domestic public relations firms to share only in the public relations industry to follow " leftovers. "

However, a "Danone and Zong," the media and public relations war has changed the local public relations firm and the fate of international public relations firm. Today, in up to three months of the media and public relations war, we see the local public relations victory, saw the situation more Shen Yun Chinese local public relations firm's victory, see Zong's victory (although most experts believe that , there is no winner in this dispute, but I think even non-Wahaha joint venture was able to forcibly buy up successful, Zong is still the winner of the media public relations war).

銆??鍏叧瀵瑰喅锛岃揪鑳藉畬璐?br />
Zong and up to the war lasted nearly three months, and played with the media-obsessed public relations was more intense. Seoul gradually found that "up to" brand image in the eyes of the Chinese people have fallen little knowledge, in the Chinese market is also lopsided. Coupled with recent, more expensive than milk sold in the Evian mineral water, excessive bacteria in the scandal, a wealth of up to plunder, not on another evidence for Chinese consumers. Obviously, Danone want to attract more interest in China, while loss of more, just as Japanese goods in China are often met with a group of people to resist deep national feeling, like Danone predatory behavior in the Chinese capital, China is already being were strongly resisted. So, even up to win a case, it certainly is self-defeating, lost the market, let alone win or lose a lawsuit has not fixed it.

Up to the media and public relations from the point of view, up to at the wrong time, using the wrong strategy, hired the wrong PR company, eventually leading to total failure.

Up to a failure: "hit" the right time

I remember the abolition of Emperor Kangxi in San Francisco, and Wu Sangui was in full swing, when facing the three Prince raised his army and Chahar Zhu Wang rebellion.鍦ㄨ繖涓夐噸鎵撳嚮鍚屾椂鏉ヤ复鐨勬椂鍊欙紝涓捐冻鏃犳帾鐨勫悍鐔欏笣鏃犱笉鎮旀仺鑷繁褰撳垵涓嶅惉瀛濆簞澶悗鐨勫缓璁紝绛夊惔涓夋鍐嶈?鍑犲瞾锛岀瓑鏈濆环鍑嗗寰楀啀鍏呭垎涓?簺锛屽啀瑁佹挙涓夎棭涔熶笉鏅氥? Now think of "forced acquisition of Danone Wahaha" incident, if so then Zong old age, etc. can be prepared up to the full number again, how can today's "forced acquisition" of notoriety. Therefore, up to a defeat defeat at the timing wrong.

銆??杈捐兘浜岃触锛氱瓥鐣ュ簲鐢ㄤ笉褰?br />
In the 96 years specified in the contract signed, "the Chinese will be used (Wahaha) trademark in the production and sales of other products, while the product items have been submitted to the board of directors of a joint venture with Wahaha be considered ... ..." This provision Put simply, the Wahaha trademark to use their own production and sales of products go through a joint venture with Danone agreed or. Clearly, in this game of love and reason, although up to hold its very favorable contract, but in this case from the acquisition, Danone has not changed this favorable contract will benefit the media and public relations duel weapons, but turned into a capital "rape" of the claws.

Therefore, up to the deal in this case should take the "retreat" strategy, the first joint venture Wahaha automatically reduced to 49% of the shares, and then made 49% of the acquisition of shares of Wahaha's non-joint venture requirements, This will not only protect the Wahaha brand as a nation "status", but also to Zong ease a higher level. In addition, Zong refused After the acquisition, Danone seems very reasonable, intended by international arbitration, to force the completion of the acquisition. Such mistakes are undoubtedly scorn for people caught up to the abyss, which is up to the second defeat cost me.

Up to three failure: weak implementation of public relations firms

銆??杈捐兘鐨勨?婧冭触鈥濓紝浣滀负鍏跺叕鍏充唬鐞嗗叕鍙搁毦杈炲叾鍜庛? Corporate public relations as a window, my body corporate image, brand image building, and dissemination of the heavy responsibility, as an international business international PR agency selection appear more natural, but ignored China's national conditions, ignored the localization of power, will surely be local people out.

Zong has won support from the media, or even distributors all around to win, "Catch a Fire," solidarity is not never? This allows us to have to face the power of public relations. Zong is good at public relations, local public relations firm to do it would be appropriate for local public relations.浠庡璧勪紒涓氭伓鎬у苟璐?涓浗鏈湡鍝佺墝宀屽矊鍙嵄鐨勮搴﹁耽寰椾簡姘戜紬鐨勬敮鎸侊紝銆婁箟鍕囧啗杩涜鏇层?浼间箮灏辨槸鍦ㄤ负瀹楀簡鍚庤?濂忥紝浠庤嚜韬殑棰嗗榄呭姏璧㈠緱浜嗗▋鍝堝搱鍛樺伐銆侀珮灞傦紝鐢氳嚦缁忛攢鍟嗙殑鏀寔銆?Jianlibao, farmer spring, bright minority shareholders also have come out as Wahaha, beating the drums for the Zong. Although contract law, in arbitration, the Wahaha and Danone winner yet, but already in the public opinion on the Wahaha is a "big winner."

International public relations firm in the "Name the first" is stronger than the local public relations firm, but this time an international public relations firm's "up to public relations", it seems to be more local public relations firm saw the rise of hope, to see with the International Public Relations words against the company hopes to see a catch up hope. Only the case of international public relations firm, TOP1, only allow Danone Evian to take an "ostrich policy" will only personal attacks on opponents, in addition to these two means, we seem not to see anything else.

Therefore, from the media and public relations point of view, Danone lost the battle, lost in the self-righteous at the international public relations defeated the inconsistent cross-border public relations at China's national conditions.

Local public relations firm should have its own mission

銆??鍦ㄨ繖鍦哄獟浣撳叕鍏虫垬涓紝鎴戜滑鐪嬪埌浜嗘湰鍦熷叕鍏冲叕鍙稿湪绛栫暐搴旂敤鍜屽獟浣撴墽琛屽姏鍙岄噸鏂归潰鐨勮儨鍒┿? The full utilization of feelings cards + thorough public opinion, so up to become a national enemy, Zong became a national hero (hero of the fight against foreign invasion). In fact, when European trade wantonly pound stick of China's textile industry, the Chinese national enterprises to anger the Chinese people are angry. Why cheap Chinese goods should be restricted to Europe, why international brands in China can enjoy the privilege? Why not allow Chinese enterprises to make money in Europe, why foreign-funded enterprises in China can plunder the wealth?

銆??褰撴娲茶锤鏄撳鍨掗檺鍒朵腑鍥藉晢鍝佺殑鏃跺?锛屽浗闄呭搧鐗屽湪涓浗鐨勭壒鏉冨氨搴旇琚粓姝? We do not allow foreign wanton plundering of wealth in China, was engulfed in the national brand is facing the situation, the local public relations firm has the responsibility to shoulder the heavy responsibility of safeguarding the national brand. Not in the Jin and Yuan temptation, to become slaves of foreign-funded enterprises.


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BT has been closed, we see what?

Used to download movies to see the users, the latest face "Duandun" crisis: "BT China" in jail, long a bird to be transformed, and is vividly called "eMule" the VeryCD suddenly could not open the ... ...

The site is closed first, because they do not have administrative permission, further view, they are more widespread piracy was criticized by the industry. Industry to a large number of these free BT web site traffic as "industrial waste", because all of their content direct to steal from.

With the resurgence of the copyright for their rights awareness and increasingly stringent government regulation, BT and other video sharing download model found to depend on the policy gap "gray space" growth plan be completely aborted. After continuing this year, industry-wide anti-piracy activities, BT industry has been severe standards in governance is an inevitable trend.

From a positive sense, "BT-China" closure, greatly encouraged by the insistence on the legitimate operation of the video film and television drama website. Watch for music, for example, nearly a week, traffic and the number of registered users has increased dramatically.

There is no free lunch, low-cost model will ultimately decline piracy, we would have expected this. From its inception, the music network on the stick Genuine line of royalty and the overall operating costs of the 1 / 3 or more, sometimes a single TV show put on over 1 million yuan of copyright over. But then the difficulties we have not given up because of short-term interests of the genuine strategy, because the video sites around the copyright issue is the key to success.

China are pirated lessons, but on the international market we learn from. Hulu website leading U.S. network TV advertising revenue in the first half of this year about 75 million U.S. dollars, accounting for U.S. video ad market share of nearly 20%, while the flow rate is almost 10 times the Youtube site of its still huge loss. Analysis pointed out, Hulu share of advertising revenue share is much higher than the user, which indicates that advertisers are increasingly alienated from the user original content-based video sharing websites, instead of genuine popular online video platform. Hulu's success in the United States, is considered the traditional date, television, film industry to the Internet, the most successful case of integration.

Domestic video sites have been exploring their own profit model, both the video sharing or video search, so far have not been widely recognized. Recent years, the continuous video site copyright dispute has even pushed the air waves, the determination of reasonable profit model becomes more important. Hulu is actually a successful example for reference. Adhere to genuine advertising strategy to attract more precise, is the road to profitability. Despite the huge flow of the Youtube, but the content quality are not guaranteed to advertisers who are willing to vote in such a website? Not to mention those pirated site. For advertisers terms, BT only the value of the site traffic, BT site CPM advertising (cost per thousand impressions) or even much lower than market pricing spam traffic.

Video site not only profitable power, more regulatory pressure. This year, the domestic video sites lawsuits continue, the government's attention and supervision, in some insist on legitimate websites, driven by the video industry in China will be more robust. I believe no one pirated video sites can be successful in the market.

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Was brilliant: Ten-man weapon crack revealed inside story of classical

Factors affecting the development of shared software, many have been illegally sharing software crack can be said the number one enemy. Then the resulting difficulties in sharing software cracker who live in the end with those weapons? Today, so let me take you to see the mysterious ten categories of commonly used software cracker, which is shareware top ten killer!

First, debugging tools for soft-ice class and trw2000

soft-ice is widely recognized as the best trace debug tools. Use soft-ice can easily keep track of a software or monitoring software debug errors generated, it has dos, window3.1, win95/98/nt/2000 / each platform version. This version is the software used for debugging, tracing, debugging tools, in the cracker into the hands of the most horrible cracking tool; trw2000 is the Chinese people write their own debugging software is fully compatible with soft-ice the instructions, because now Many software can detect soft-ice presence, while trw2000 testing have sent many, many cracker so now it became a favorite.

trw2000 solve specific software has been optimized to track the debugger in windows, tracking more powerful; can set various breakpoints, breakpoint types, and more; it can be as complete as some shelling tool to remove the shell of the encryption automatically generated exe file, so it's cracked stronger, in the hands of crack development of the shared software bigger threat. It also under the dos version, called tr.

Second, disassemble tool wdasm8.93 Gold Edition and hiew

often the soft-ice cracker and trw2000 compared Tulong Dao, will then be compared to Heavenly Sword wdasm8.93. wdasm8.93 can easily disassemble the program, the program flow static analysis can also be dynamic analysis program. General version of the original based on the number of crackers has developed wdasm8.93 Gold Edition, stepped up a string of Chinese extraction. On the threat of domestic sharing software also greater. For example, this is fun fun Landlords sharing software, with a gold version of its disassembly can see the registration code, common version can not, you do not it powerful? Hiew is a hex tool, in addition to its ordinary hex system function, it also a feature that can disassemble file, and can modify the program in assembly instructions, use it to modify the program, convenient! This is the cracker have used static disassembly tool.

Third, visual basic debugging tools smartcheck

This is specifically for visual basic program debugger, program execution because vb is interpreted in essence, they just call vbrunxxx.dll the function, so vb executable file is a pseudo code program in vbxxx.dll inside the implementation. If the track with the soft-ice debugger which can only be used in vbdll play around, see something of value, and code quality is not high, the structure is still very complicated.

Of course, as long as the understanding of their characteristics with a soft-ice can also break, but the emergence of smartcheck greatly facilitate the cracker. smartcheck is numega company exports a great interpretation of the implementation process of debugging tools, the latest version is v6.03. It is very easy to use, you even do not know assembly language can easily manage it. Vb program which can be recorded in the implementation of the action completely, so that those who break easily break most of the vb program.

4, hex editor ultraedit

Hex hex editor can edit the file, modify the contents of the file. Although hiew is a hex tool is, but it is dos interface, many were prepared to make a break under a windows tool, such tools are many, such as: ultraedit, winhex, hex workshop, among which more ultraedit a unique and easy to operate, more finished version is available, it is very good hex editor, we recommend that you also find a use with.

5, registry monitoring tools

There are regshot, regmon or regsnap so. Microsoft operating systems, many settings are stored in the registry, windows registry is the core database tables stored in a variety of parameters, the direct control of the windows startup, loading hardware drivers as well as some windows applications normal operation. In the application software installed, there may be some of the necessary information into them, such as installation time, frequency of use, registration code, etc..

regshot, regmon monitor registry changes or regsnap is a tool through which to understand, monitor the application of the action in the registry, crack dealers often use them to monitor application in the registry changes.

6, file monitoring tool filemon

Can monitor the system operating conditions specified in the file, such as which file to open the specified file, which closed file, the data on which files to read and so on. Through it, any files you specify to monitor any read, write, open the other file operations can be monitored over it and provide full reporting information. Crack often use filemon monitor file system in order to understand the program at startup, shut down or verify registration code what to do when the hands and feet, and thus decrypt accordingly.

7, shell tools procdump

Now a lot of software plus a shell, "shell" is a dedicated to the protection software is not illegal to modify or decompile the program. They are usually run before, to get control, and then complete their task of protecting software. After packers in the tracking software when you can not see the real hex code, so you can serve the purpose of protecting software.

procdump is a tool to deal with software packers in the shelling, which can be stripped of many types of shells, but also files really are, and then modify the contents of the documents so much easier. Because it allows users to write their own script files, so use it off the shell software version packers. It also is an excellent tool for pe format changes, is an indispensable tool for shelling!

8, detection of file type tool

Such tools are typ, gtw, fileinfo and shock-2000. They are used to detect the type of software is packers, which can easily shock of 2000 to find any shell entry point encryption, including encryption shell asprotect and Phantom can. Such software is generally used with procdump and debugging software, and use them to find the program packers type, with procdump or soft-ice, trw2000 shelling.

9 resource Trainer exescope

exescope is a tool to modify software resources, and powerful. exescope in the absence of resource files to analyze, display different information, rewriting the executable file resources, including (exe, dll, ocx) and so on. It can be edited directly using vc + + and delphi compiled program resources, including menus, dialog boxes, string tables, etc., is a common tool in software localization. The hands of the crack, it is often used to modify the file resources in the menus, dialog boxes, string tables, etc., to solve the needs of the information displayed (such as changing the copyright information, etc.), modify the software in order to achieve the purpose.

10, api call query tool api spy

As the name suggests, this program is to detect what software is called api. windows api is called when the program executes a function, with the under dos int (interrupt) almost, windows provide many of these functions allow programmers to apply, the main purpose is to cut software development time, we develop software to facilitate.

api spy api call for such a monitoring software, which lets you view what the application calls the api, so as to arrive on the api call crackers useful information through these api calls to set the breakpoint to achieve the purpose of cracking software. It can work in windows95/98/nt/2000 platform.

Well, shareware top ten killers introduce you finished, how to deal with them is your things. Be noted is that the software mentioned above are all "legitimate" software, but in the hands of different users have played a different purpose. Would like a gun in the hands of the people's army is defending the homeland and the weapons, in all sorts of the wrong hands is a weapon, do not produce this software on to these stereotypes Oh!

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